Engagement and Loyalty program Platform

The Reward Circle is an Intelligent Loyalty Management Platform that helps you create deep relationships with the sales and distribution ecosystem. It aims to enhance employee engagement and customer loyalty through a highly intuitive and goal based reward system. It is designed to drive Star performances from the participants and fuel company growth.

Customer Loyalty

Build a long lasting and revenue driven Customer Loyalty Program. Interesting customer engagement solutions that help customer acquisition and enable long term customer retention. Our world class customer benefits programs enables brands to get into customer choice set and drive sales. Our Customer Affinity Programs ensure that customers keep coming back and give repeat business

Channel Loyalty

Strategic Channel Loyalty solutions that make a partner feel valued and help you nurture long term profitable and win-win partnerships. Channel Incentive programs that are motivating, measurable and drive partner preference. The rewards marketplace that enables Instantaneous rewards and drives your dealers to sell more of your product. Keep your partners close to you by incentivizing them both at a transactional and behavioural levels.

Sales Motivation

Drive your sales force towards desired outcomes through engaging and motivating Sales Incentive Programs. With highly visible goals and rewards associated with the achievement of those goals, you can bring out the competitive best in your sales team. Inspire the sales team with Sales Motivation solutions that amplify performance and drive sales effectiveness.

Influencer Programs

Engage and motivate your key influencers to push your products to potential buyers in your target market. Identify influencers and engage them through customized promotions that drive incremental sales and increase market share.

Employee Engagement

Create an inspiring Employee Rewards and Recognition program that appreciates Employees for what they do and the values they exhibit. Increase the happiness quotient of employees through memorable experiences for their Service Anniversary programs . Seamlessly align engagement strategies with overall business goals for delivering results. Drive collaboration, reward innovation, build consensus and strengthen relationships. Tailor made solutions that drive behaviour and improve performance and productivity.